Steinberg Cubase Pro 13

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Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 – Full Version

Audio/MIDI DAW Software Suite – Mac/PC VST2, VST3

Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 – Full Version

Pro-grade Production for Any Sonic Style

From its humble 1989 beginnings, Steinberg’s Cubase DAW has remained at the forefront of digital music production, expanding its artistic scope with every successive iteration. With Cubase Pro 13, decades of innovation culminate in a state-of-the-art creative suite, arming you with the tools to explore the boundless frontiers of the modern musical landscape. Cubase Pro 13 introduces a dazzling array of performance and composition mechanisms that Ragtime’s production pros agree are a game-changing addition to the existing Cubase kit. Modular workflow features include an augmented Range tool that you can use with the Key and Drum Editors; a breakout channel tab to fine-tune mixes as you go; the comprehensive VocalChain plug-in; Iconica Sketch, for pro-level orchestration; and much more. Of course, all the Cubase staples return, more powerful than ever, with the likes of the Steinberg Vocoder, Black Valve compressor, and Sampler Track receiving inspiring expansions, to name a few. Plus, advanced audio accommodations comprising Dolby Atmos for music, VariAudio pitch correction, phase-coherent multitrack AudioWarp, and MIDI 2.0 compatibility ensure you’re ready for any project.

Masterful MIDI management

While Cubase 13 will be fully capable of managing the nuanced and extremely high-resolution opportunities of MIDI 2.0, you’ve got a powerful new suite of MIDI tools to be deployed with MIDI 1.0, too, including a streamlined MIDI CC recording that lets you painlessly modify and manage controller events with the Key Editor. What’s more, the Step and MIDI Input mechanisms have been updated to allow for instant note-length modifications, in addition to the ability to add voices to parts with the powerful new polyphonic input feature. Furthermore, the MIDI plug-ins have been overhauled to provide a design that drastically improves your workflow with an intuitive, flexible interface.
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version

Recording redux: classic tools — reimagined

All your favorite production devices return with Cubase Pro 13, many of which have been expanded, augmented, or refreshed to expand creative possibilities via interoperative use with the all-new tone-shaping tools. VariAudio is back to painlessly perfect audio and vocal parts with flexible pitch-correction and timing tools, while AudioWarp has been improved to allow for phase-coherent multitrack adjustments. An updated video engine not only makes video editing easier than ever, but sees the addition of Track Versions for the Video Track, alongside increased overall performance and HPU hardware decoding for H264.

Track your tracks with ease

Have you ever worked on one track only to realize that something you’re doing would be perfect for a different track? Cubase 13 has made importing more flexible than ever, introducing several options to import tracks from other projects, with versatile control over specific tracks, events, time ranges, and more. Once you’ve got your audio together, Cubase 13’s one-click Channel Configuration option lets you toggle between mono and stereo playback. Meanwhile, the new Start Modes allow you to decide exactly where your audio needs to begin, matching your workflow needs.
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version

Iconica Sketch and more VST variety

Steinberg’s state-of-the-art VST3 support is invaluable in helping you construct your perfect sonic palette, but that doesn’t start and end with third-party VI and FX support. Cubase 13 comes loaded with a medley of inspiring instruments, including Groove Agent SE, HALion Sonic, Sampler Track, Flux, Iconica Sketch, and more. Sampler Track’s Spectral Warp modes let you take aural manipulation to the extreme, while Iconica Sketch is the perfect suite for full-scale orchestration.

Optimized interfacing for every level of production

MixConsole has always been the epicenter of Cubase’s production, and Cubase 13 expands your recording repertoire to be more inspiring and adaptable than ever, including a refreshed interface design. Routing has been upgraded to set return channels of instrument tracks, racks, or the sampler as inputs for further audio tracks, effects, or group channels. Improved navigation includes a new Key Command dialog and additional macros for easily personalized recording, while the vertical zoom feature lets you zoom with the mouse wheel and decide between zooming to transport or selection.
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13 - Full Version

Perfected for Pro

Exclusive to Cubase Pro 13 is an immense suite of versatile recording and production appointments, including over 3,000 sounds, 87 audio FX plug-ins, and comprehensive external instrument and effects incorporation. Advanced Audio Export and Audio Alignment ensure you never miss a beat, locking audio tracks together for perfected pairings, double-tracked parts, and more. Plus, Cubase Pro 13 provides Dolby Atmos for music, as well as Steinberg’s cutting-edge Control Room monitoring environment, ensuring your sound is expertly matched for the desired environment across all three dimensions. You’ll also have access to comprehensive scoring and notation tools tailored for use with film, TV, and any other orchestral arrangements.