PRO Portable Audio Mixer

Brand: Pro


Portable Audio Mixer Sound Mixing Console bluetooth Record 48V Phantom Powe Effects 4 Channels Audio Mixer with USB Player


* Perfect tuning ability
Adjustment:Gain; Medium/High/Bass; Reverberation; Volume
* Simple design, lightweight and convenient, impact resistant powder sprayed metal housing, more resistant to fall, low noise, more durable.
* 4 Channels Input:
2-Channel monophonic microphone/line channel input, 1 group stereophonic input, with balanced time XLR type microphone input socket, is a high-quality microphone amplifier.
*The ability of tuning is complete, with medium pitch, bass, reverberation and volume adjustment function.
* 1 groups of main channel input, 1 groups of auxiliary channel output and return interface.
* 1-Channel independent recording output and listening port.
* Built in Bluetooth function, supports most of the Bluetooth function of the electronic equipment wireless connection, fast docking.
* Support mobile storage device U disk, you can store songs in U disk, insert play.
* Intelligent compatibility with various devices: wireless microphone, power amplifier, mobile phone, computer, electronic instrument, wired microphone, audio
* Button type potentiometer, surface concave and convex anti slip design, better handle, more precise adjustment.
* Can connect wired/wireless/capacitor microphone, applicable to the family KTV, Stage tuning,network host,radio broadcasting,Sound recording etc.
* Built in reverb effect,by adjusting knob to adjust the reverb depth and delay effect.
*Sound card function, has the function of processing computer vocal music.
* You can call up professional audio.
* Multiple audio cable. 6.3/3.5/ flower joints,have fine workmanship and stable transmission.

Package included:
1x Mixing Console
1x Plug Adapter
1x USB Cable
2x XLR cable


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