Nefes Audio Midi & USB Breath Controller

Brand: Nefes Audio


  • Direct USB Connectivity: Connects to computers via USB without a MIDI-USB converter.
  • Compatibility: Supports keyboards with MIDI input (e.g., KORG, YAMAHA, ROLAND).
  • Control Options: Three MIDI controls and one VST control via USB.
  • High Sensitivity: Responsive to breath input with high sensitivity.
  • Automatic Calibration: Self-calibrates to ambient air pressure on startup.
  • Adjustable Settings: Customize sensor sensitivity and sound cutoff effect.
  • Power Options: USB-powered, with the option for keyboard power.

Nefes Audio MIDI & USB Breath Control Device 

Features Nefes Audio :

  • Direct USB Connectivity: This device seamlessly connects to a computer via USB without the need for a MIDI-USB converter, ensuring hassle-free operation.
  • Versatile Compatibility: It can also be connected using a MIDI cable and supports all keyboards with MIDI input, including brands like KORG, YAMAHA, and ROLAND.
  • Control Options: Equipped with three MIDI controls and one VST control via USB, offering flexibility in performance and production.
  • High Sensitivity: The device boasts high sensitivity, enabling precise control and responsiveness to your breath input.
  • Automatic Calibration: Each time the device is powered on, it automatically enters calibration mode, adjusting itself to the air pressure of the environment for optimal performance.
  • Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity: Users have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors according to their preference and playing style.
  • Offset Setting: Easily adjust the minimum sound intensity that is produced when not blowing, enhancing control and expression.
  • Cutoff Effect Adjustment: The volume control on the device allows for easy adjustment of the cutoff effect of the sound, providing fine-tuning capabilities.
  • USB-Powered: Powered by USB for convenience, with the option to be powered through the keyboard for added flexibility.
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