Kelfar AK-5 Pro Scale Tuning

Brand: Kelfar


AK-5 Pro World Scale Tuning Converter
Explore the full potential of your music and enhance your performances with the new AK-5 Pro World Scale Tuning Converter. Create authentic microtonal keyboard music from your existing gear.

The AK-5 Pro Special Edition is an easy-to-use world scale tuning keyboard converter compatible with most major keyboard brands. It offers an array of customization right at your fingertips.

Are you ready for new, expanded options for your AK-4 Pro Special Edition?

Kelfar Technologies has updated and expanded the Universal Mode to make it compatible with almost all keyboards, synthesizers, and other equipment. The new Firmware Version 3 introduces new options and expandability to the AK-4 Pro Special Edition. We at Kelfar Technologies have re-developed the Universal Mode and added our own Micro-Tuning©, Mono-Legato Micro-Tuning©, and Transpose algorithms©. There are more supported instruments, and we now support the Korg Trinity V3 series. Download the firmware update now!