Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler 2

Brand: Juzisound


A new generation of sampler device again specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This new device is specially created for use in Eastern European and Balkan regions. Also, it is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arabs and the Middle East. If you play that kind of music, this device is really the right one for you!

Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler 2


Major differences with Sampler 1:

As you can expect, Total SOLO Sampler 2 has all the capabilities of the previous model, plus many new features:



3 totally independent Uppers:

– Upper 1 and Upper 2 are standard and fully independent. It’s possible for any of them to load any sound in any oscillator mode.
– Upper 3 is the SPECIAL Upper, named Help Synth. This upper plays only internal ROM samples (it doesn’t play from SD card) but has 6 internal independent parts.
Every part has 8 voice polyphony and independent settings for the loaded sample, oscillator mode, octave, portamento time, release time, pan, volume, and slope. HelpSynth is created specifically for playing many string sounds together with main Uppers to produce Turkish Strings Group sound impression.
Sampler 2 supports SPLIT or DUAL mode. Possible to split the keyboard into 3 parts, if needed.

A lot of NEW Oscillator Modes

– Juzisound Sampler 2 has new oscillator modes, for example, Kempa GROUP, JS Ethno Violin, Ethno Bouzouki, JS Turkish Oud and more. More oscillator modes will be available in the future.

Stereo Sampling

– Sampler 2 works with stereo samples too. Supported sample formats are: PCM WAV files, 16bit / 48kHz / Mono or Stereo.

10 000 Multisample Positions

– Juzisound 2 has 10 000 positions for multi-samples. Multisamples have many Round-Robin options.

20 Zones for every SOUND

– For every SOUND Sampler 2 has 20 zones. Sampler 1 has 14 zones for PROGRAM.

2 Powerful CPU-s (8 times more than Sampler 1)

– Sampler 2 has two independent CPU-s, for intensive parallel calculations, left with many free resources for future use.

All internal calculations are now 32-bit FLOAT

– All internal audio paths and calculations are Stereo 32 Bit Float, for perfect audio quality.

SamInsert Effectsple interpolation is now 4 point Hermite Interpolation

-The specific Interpolation produces best in class sound. When pitch modifications are applied, the result is very soft and natural sound.

– For every Upper, Sampler has 4 stereo insert effects slots, plus one 3 band stereo parametric EQ. Many sets of effects are available now, like Phasers, Choruses, Flangers, Octaves and more. Many new effects will be available in the future.

Master Effects

– The sampler has 2 master effect sections – Delay and Reverb. Both are loaded with Super Quality Studio grade stereo effects, not available in any hardware sampler device. You have stereo modulated and diffused delays algorithms and best quality reverb with many user parameters.
– Master Effects have locked and HOLD function to keep the same effects for different pressets, or gobally switch On or Off master effects, independent from settings of current preset.

2 Standard MIDI Inputs + One USB Host MIDI Input

– You can play from 2 master keyboards simultaneously. Аlternatively you can use USB MIDI keyboard without Standart 5pin MIDI DIN connector. The Sampler has USB MIDI Host function and accepts MIDI keyboard with the USB cable.

4 Independent Audio Outputs

– Juzisound Sampler 2 has 4 independent MONO audio outputs. Every Upper, Help Synt or Effect can be self audio output in every present. It’s available to play Bass/Guitar in individual outputs. Integrated Mp3 player has output selection too.

Digital Master Volume

– Master volume potentiometer that controls the master volume of all 4 audio outputs together. Master volume’s value is displayed on the screen.

Large Colour Display With Touch Screen

– Juzisound Sampler 2 has a colour display with resolution 320×240 pixels and capacitive touch screen for easy use and fast response.

Protected SD card connector

– Now the SD card is hidden inside. No more risk of broken SD card during transportation.

Internal button keyboards with LED indication

– Juzisound Sampler  has many buttons, to control main functions and selected sounds, presets or parameters. Many of them have LED status indication for easy use. No more external PS2 keyboard needed.

Data Encoder Knob
– Sampler 2 has Data Encoder Knob for easy +/- data change, or sound selections. ALPS encoder is used for long life.

Terca and Scala controls by onboard buttons
– The sampler has an independent set of buttons for easy control of Terca and Scala. Terca is always played by Upper 2. Scala is always applied to Upper 1 and has independent switch for Upper 2 and HelpSynth.
– Both Terca and Scala have internal global user presets, or have to be memorized with every preset. Both of them have independent HOLD function, for keeping current terca or scala, when a preset is being changed.
– Both Terca and Scala have special pages on the display too.

Onboard Transpose Buttons
– The sampler has onboard buttons for Transpose UP and Transpose DOWN. When a SOUND is selected, these buttons transpose sound by +/-12. When a preset is selected, these buttons transpose all presets by +/-1.

Large memory space for SOUNDS and PRESETS
– Sampler mashine has 10 000 positions for SOUNDS and 10 000 positions for PRESETS (COMBINATIONS). Really an endless number of possibilities…

Overlapped SOUNDS parameters in every PRESET
– Every preset has INDEPENDENT OFFSET of many important SOUND parameters. What is the idea? If you use a sound in different presets and in every preset you need the same sound, but with a small modification, the preset does it for you. There is no need to memorize 2 different versions of the sound for playing it with different presets.

Sound GROUP Mode
– Juzisound  has sound groups like Guitars, Pianos, Strings and more… Every SOUND is assigned to one or more groups, so searching for sounds is made very easy with SOUNDS group. Don’t have to remember the exact sound number anymore.

List mode (Like KRONOS Set List Mode)
– Juzisound 2 has 160 positions in LIST Mode, where presets are selected really easy with the display buttons. LIST banks are selected with the corresponding buttons. Every bank has 8 display buttons, very easy to use.

Integrated breath controller
– Like Sampler 1, Sampler 2 has an integrated breath converter with MIDI Out conversion.

MP3 Player while playing
– Juzisound total sampler has an integrated MP3 player. This new MP3 player is independent of playing samples, so it’s possible to play MP3 sounds and sounds from the sampler at the same time. The MP3 player has an independent 2 band stereo EQ, transpose and tempo change functions. Independent audio output is available for the MP3 player. Mp3 playing from USB Flash is available, not necessarily needed Mp3 files on SD card. MP3 file listing supports 500 files from SD CARD and 500 files from USB Flash Drive. Changing between both devices is made on the fly.

Powered by External 24V power adapter
– Sampler 2 is powered by an external power adapter. The adapter is usable in Europe and USA and can work on both main power standarts, just the plug converter is needed. The output of the adapter is 24V DC, 500mA, center positive. The normal power consumption is around 250mA.

What is included: