BOMGE 6 Channels Audio Sound Mixer

Brand: bomge


BOMGE 6 Channels mini DJ Audio sound mixer console with USB interface, Bluetooth, Stereo Recording, 48V Phantom Power, 24 DSP effects for karaoke, singing, live,streaming,pc recroding.

Number of Channels 6
Product Dimensions 7.48″D x 8.27″W x 1.69″H
Connectivity Technology xlr,rca,6.35mm,usb
Power Source Corded Electric

Bomge 06F MIXER – Your Ultimate Sound Control Solution!

Are you searching for a versatile and high-performance audio mixer to enhance your sound recording experience? Look no further! The Bomge 06F MIXER is your go-to choice, offering a myriad of features tailored for various applications. Let’s delve into what makes this professional mixing console stand out:

  1. Strong Compatibility and Low Noise:
    • Built-in Sound Card and Audio Interface: Record with ultra-low noise directly to your PC, mobile phone, or U disk.
    • USB Connectivity: Easily output audio to your computer through the USB port for seamless recording compatibility with PC and MAC systems.
    • Ideal for Daily Live Broadcasts, Meetings, Parties, Small Band Performances, Karaoke, Church Singing, and more.
  2. Various Connection Methods and Phantom Power:
    • Multiple Input Options: 4 mono inputs compatible with XLR and 1/4 unbalanced plugs.
    • 48V Phantom Power: Includes 4 inputs with 48V phantom power for condenser microphones.
    • Stereo and USB/Bluetooth Input: Versatile connections with 6.3 mm XLR, RCA jacks for different devices.
    • Perfect for Dynamic Microphones, Condenser Microphones, Wireless Microphone Receivers, Musical Instruments, Amplifiers, and Speakers.
  3. Bluetooth 4.0 and DSP Effect Capability:
    • Seamless Music Transfer: Bluetooth capability for streaming music from your pad, mobile phone, or computer.
    • One-Button Control: Swiftly switch play, pause, switch songs, and music connection modes.
    • 24-Bit Digital Effect Processors: Built-in processors for soprano, bass, children’s voice, 7-level delay, 14-level delay, and echo effects.
  4. Specially Designed for Mobile Phone Recording:
    • Versatile Connectivity: Convert 3.5mm connectors through RCA, USB, 6.5mm, and more for mobile phone recording.
    • Support for Multiple Phones: Perfect for simultaneous live broadcasts on multiple mobile phones.
    • Ideal for Daily Mobile Phone Live Broadcasts, ZOOM Meetings, Games, Street Performances, and more. (Cables and adapter plugs not included.)
  5. Suitable for Outdoor and Car Audio Use:
    • Convenient Power Options: Powered by 5V supply, compatible with computer USB, POWER BANK, and car charging power supply.
    • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Package Includes: 1 mixer, 1 power adapter, 1 power cord/cable, 1 manual.


Elevate your audio recording experience with the Bomge 06F MIXER – the perfect companion for any recording enthusiast, podcaster, musician, or content creator. Order yours today and take your sound to the next leve.

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