AKX10 Dante Zen Oriental arranger keybaord, 1390 sounds, 424 rhythms, 61 keys, velocity sensitive, bluetooth audio, bluetooth MIDI, oriental, turkish including our arabic software Khaligi,Tarabi,Masri,Iraqi,Shaabi,PA4x,PA1000MG,Ketron,Loops etc

61 velocity sensitive keys
256-voice polyphony
7 inch touch display
1250 sounds + 140 Turkish sounds
45 percussion sets + 13 Turkish percussion sets
45 Reverb variants
76 Chorus variants
48 insert effects
5 EQ variants
50 Vocal effects + harmonizer
Extensive Arpeggiator with 500 variants
280 rhythms + 1000 user rhythms + 144 Turkish rhythms
8-channel real-time recording
MIDI song recording (16 tracks, max. 20,000 notes per song)
Music Album: 80 internal entries + 1000 user albums
Audio Playback: MP3, WAV, AAC, Vocal Remover, Audio Tempo, Audio Transpose
Audio Recorder: MP3, WAV (44.1 kHz / 16 bit)
Bluetooth Audio & MIDI
Loudspeaker 2 x 15 Watt + 2 x 25 W
USB audio & MIDI
USB to host / to device
Power supply & music tray included

The AKX10 Dante Zen Oriental Keyboard from Dante is an entertainer keyboard with 61 velocity-sensitive keys and 256-voice polyphony. Thanks to the large 7″ color touchscreen and the numerous controls, all relevant functions are always at your fingertips; leaving more room for making music instead of complex menu page navigation. The keyboard provides a selection of over 1250 high-quality tones and 45 percussion sets, which are ideally suited for various styles such as rock, pop, schlager, folk or evergreens. In addition, there are another 140 sounds and 13 percussion sets that were created specifically for Turkish music. To give the sounds the final touch, Dante has given the Zen several effect variations for reverb, chorus, equalizer and insert effects. A compressor on the sum and a polyphonic harmonizer effect for the microphone input are also part of the equipment.

A workhorse for entertainers!
Various playing aids, arranging functions, playback functions and recording options give the player everything he needs for a professional performance. The arpeggiator is more than amply equipped with 500 variations and patterns. Accompanying the game are 280 musically very versatile rhythms, which have been supplemented by 1000 user r hythms and 144 Turkish rhythms. MIDI song recording allows real-time recording on up to 16 tracks and a maximum of 20,000 notes per song. Audio recordings (e.g. from the microphone) are also feasible with the Zen and are saved in MP3 or WAV format. The Zen’s playback options include MIDI play/recorder, various audio formats (MP3, WAV, AAC), and special playback effects such as changing speed, transposing pitch, and a vocal remover to remove existing but unneeded vocal tracks. In terms of connections, the Zen is very well equipped. Audio inputs and outputs, pedal inputs, and a MIDI pair should suffice in most situations. furthermore, the USB port transfers MIDI and audio. This will benefit anyone who wants to integrate a DAW into their workflow. The integrated Bluetooth interface allows sending and receiving MIDI and audio, so the Zen eg. can be used as a speaker system for music from your smartphone or used wirelessly with a keyboard learning software on your tablet. The speaker system provides 2x 15 W and 2x 25 watts for a great sound experience!

Manufacturer: Dante
Construction / Number of Keys: 61
Velocity sensitive: Yes
Sound Generation: Digital
Arpeggiator: Yes
Adjustable Velocity Curve: Yes
Number of Knobs: 4
Pitchbend, Modwheel: Joystick
Display: Yes, Touch
USB MIDI Interface: Yes
USB AUDIO Interface: Yes
Headphone Connection: Yes
Sustain Pedal Connection: Yes
Mounting Options: MIDI Linear Sequencer
Speakers: Yes
MIDI Interface: Yes
Microphone Input: Yes
Weight (kg): 9.4
Vocal Harmonizer: Yes
Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
Number of Sounds: 1390
Number of Styles: 424
Polyphony: 256
Keyboard Split: Yes
Power Supply: Adapter, internal
Width (cm): 100.9
Height (cm): 13
Depth (cm): 39.2